Kathy Ireland Jewelry by Elan Luxury Collections, LLC

Kathy Ireland Jewelry is produced by Elan Luxury Collections, LLC. The partnership between Kathy Ireland and Elan Luxury Collections celebrates Kathy's missions of "Finding solutions for people in love" and "Finding solutions for families, especially busy moms."
"We are especially pleased that our initial focus is serving brides on their special day," said Kathy.
Elan Luxury Collections is a prime diamond and jewelry manufacturer based in Los Angeles, California. They partner with a DTC Sight-holder; manufacturing diamonds from the rough sourced directly from the mines. Elan take's pride in cutting and polishing their diamonds to the highest standards. The jewelry is manufactured in internationally acclaimed factories by their team of skilled jewelers, ensuring flawless craftsmanship. All of their production facilities meet or exceed the global legal and ethical benchmarks for good governance and sustainability.     
Elan offers a comprehensive marketing program to their retailer partners, designed to reach the growing community of Kathy Ireland brand friends and advocates. 
Kathy's unique and captivating designs; combined with Elan's prime manufacturing capability allows us to offer you the best of jewelry at affordable value pricing.